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25 March 2020 @ 09:37 pm

[&] I'd like to make new friends, but we need to have something in common, and you shouldn't be shy commenting ;)
[&] This journal is a mixture of fangirling and real life, small talk about movies, from time to time reviews of my favourite tv shows and etc.
[&] Take a look at my userinfo to know a little bit more about me!
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23 March 2009 @ 07:14 am
Do you think people deserve second chances?

From personal experience I can say that, even though depending on what you need a second chance for, yes, people often deserve second chances. Especially if, they have the intention to make things better this time.
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08 February 2009 @ 03:30 am
I recently started watching this show, as if I'm not watching enough shows already. It's a Merlin-like show which is why I love it so much so far :D I think anyone who likes Merlin would also like this one. Besides it can never hurt to watch a hot guy walking around half naked ;D

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I should watch less tv..Collapse )

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